Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Service staff need to be alert and aware of the customers

I checked in at he JetStar self service kiosk. It was easy. I have done it many times before. The self service process was well designed - unlike many other online processes designed in Singapore.

While walking through the JetStar aisle towards the Immigration door, I heard a voice calling behind me.

Voice - JetStar
TKL - yes.
Voice - this way. (Pointing to the check-in counter.
TKL - No need. I already checked in.

The JetStar employee was trying to be helpful. But he should be more alert and aware that I did not need any help.

This problem exists in many places in Singapore. When I really needed help, the staff are not available. When I do not need help, they try to be helpful. For example, when you need a waiter or waitress, they are usually not available. Sometimes, they are busy gossiping with their fellow workers.

We need to train our service staff to be more alert and aware of the customers.

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