Thursday, June 02, 2016

World class taxi service - confusing and expensive

At the taxi stand at the airport terminal 1, there were several taxis waiting in the spaces near the entrance. These were all premium taxis. The standard taxis were in the spaces far away from the entrance.

I saw a sign that showed the fares for premium taxis are 30% higher than for standard taxis.

The usher does not tell the commuters that the nearby taxis were premium taxis. She just asked "Do you want to take the taxi at number X. She expected the passenger to know the difference between premium and standard taxis.

This is "confusing Singapore".

Only 1 passenger went for the premium taxis. I suspect that she is travelling on business and can claim the total cost from her company. This is how the cost of doing business is so high in Singapore.

This is our "world class taxi service" - so confusing and expensive!

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Anonymous said...

That's a good way to earn extra money from ignorant foreigner's which is happening in many countries. :)

The locals would know they need to pick which taxi.

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