Saturday, June 04, 2016

Reliable security partner of the United States

Two decades ago, it was good for Singapore to be a reliable security partner of the United States.

I am not sure that this is a good idea today. The United States has been involved in unnecessary wars to change regimes in some parts of the world and has caused these countries to be destabilized.

Some people even suspect that their motive is to secure their future supply of oil, rather than to promote the well being of the citizens of these countries.

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Yujuan said...

Dun be duped by fair weather friend America. By stirring up trouble in the South China Seas, there lies an Agenda, attempts to suppress China's rise politically and economically, and to sell military hardware to her "political friends".
Too late to stop the Dragon's rise, the Chinese have already begun buying tech heavy Companies abroad, their bulging wallet an asset. Check out Lenovo laptops, Xiaomi phones, etc, better than Taiwanese and Japanese brands. Give the Chinese another 10 more years, they could overleap America in the tech ladder, esp when they could keep costs down, and woe betide Singapore, MNCs would move their factories over.
MNCs now staying here in Singapore, they have fear of the Chinese stealing their technology, plus generous funding grants from Santa Claus Singapore Govt.
With lack of creativity and initiative in people here, the impending tech brain rise in China, Singapore would become irrelevant.
Working system here - Bosses have to tell staff what to do, then they work, no instruction, dun know how to work. These robotic workers like to have meetings to impress their bosses they are working hard.
People would not believe that these people, many of them so called talents from abroad insist the tech contractors go down to their offices to discuss problems, where they could easily try to solve them by email instructions. When we go down, we just reset their computers within 5 seconds to get it working, wasting precious time and petrol.
Simply, spoon feeding them, like memorising info to sit for school exams. That's productivity, folks.
Better make China a friend, than America, the cowboys could dump you like a hot potato anytime, seeing it in the Middle East now.
Chinese saying, a gentleman to take revenge, waiting ten years is not too late.
Diaoyu Dao historically belong to China, better for Singapore to stay out and keep gap shut.

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