Friday, June 03, 2016

Sequential stop number and bus stop code

There is a difference between the sequential stop number and the bus stop code. The people in the Land Transport Authority, the bus companies and the Straits Times editor should learn this difference. It helps them in communicating the difference to the public.

The sequential stop number starts with 1 for the first stop in each service and increases by 1 for each stop. The bus stop code is a 5 digit code that is assigned by the Land Transport Authority for each bus stop.

See this example for service 163 (taken from

The sequential stop number is shown in the first column and starts with 1. The bus stop code is shown in the second column and is a 5 digit code, sch as 67009, 67189, 67101.

If a passenger boards the bus at Sengkang Int, the sequential number is shown as 1. If the passenger wishes to alight at Sengkang East Ave Opp Blk 200B, he will look for Stop No 9.

The passenger does not need to look for the landmark to identify the bus stop. He looks for the stop number that is displayed in the bus. If the current number is less than 9, he knows how many stops before his destination. If it is higher than 9, he has already passed his destination.

The sequential bus stop number is more helpful than the bus stop code.


Anonymous said...

Bus stop no 9 for service A could be bus stop no 22 for service B, it would be interesting if this difference can be resolved.

Kin Lian Tan said...

There is no need to "resolve this difference". Each service has its own sequence number for its stops. This is displayed in the bus.

If I board service 163 at stop 6 and have to get down at stop 14, I do not have to worry that another bus has a different sequence number for that stop.

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