Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Helpful staff pointed out the wrong direction

After entering the departure hall, I found that the departure gate was not printed in the boarding pass.

There was a "Flight Info" kiosk. I saw JetStar and touched the icon. The message said, "The flight had departed". They were still displaying a flight that left 2 hours ago. What a bad design.

An airport staff came to me. "Can I help you? You can scan your boarding pass."

My fight was at gate C23. He pointed - this way.

I walked down in that direction for 20 meters. Then I realized that he had pointed me towards the D gates. The C gates was the other way. 

I went back and found him. I told him his mistake. I hope that he learned from it.

This staff was trying to be helpful but he did not pay attention to the C and D gates. If he did not point out the way, I would have looked at the signs!

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