Sunday, August 14, 2016

Training of Joseph Schooling

I saw an article stating that Joseph Schooling was trained in USA and his father spent over $1 million (USD) in his training.

The environment in Singapore was not conducive to his training. It must be very costly for his family.

I am glad that this investment is rewarded by the glory of achieving an Olympic Gold and a generous cash prize from the state.

Perhaps our elites in Singapore can reflect on our training system - which seems to be not going well here.

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Yujuan said...

Looks like Govt expects the family to spend tons of their own money to fund the training of their sports talented offsprings for competitions.
And the Authorities prefer to spend on foreign imported talents using the instant tree approach to gain sports glory for Singapore, but so far dun even win a Bronze for us.
Yes congrats to Schooling, but it's very poignant reading the family's struggles and sacrifices in time and money spent to get this far.
With the huge odds against our local sports talent with Govt favouring foreign imports, dun place bets on another Schooling to pop up next.
Hypocritical to see President TT to throw confetti over Schooling, what has his Govt done for the boy's family huh?

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