Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Difficult to use Singapore Airline website

I have a lot of problem in using Singapore Airline website.

I wanted to know how many Krisflyer miles are required for a return ticket to London. The website asked me to choose Book or Redeem. So, I indicated Redeem.

I have to enter the Departing City and Destination City and the dates. Some of my entries keep disappearing. I get an error. I have to make my entries all over again. They do not remember my previous entries.

I have to try this a few times to get the entries correct. Then they ask me to sign into my Krisflyer account. I cannot remember my number. Furthermore, my points will only be credited later this month. There will be insufficient points to make any redemption.

I just wanted to know the points required. It is really difficult to use.

Two weeks ago, I called the SIA hotline. The staff checked and came back with the wrong answer. If the SIA staff can be confused, it is certainly more difficult for the customer.

I hope that SIA will consider my feedback and make their website more user friendly.


Yujuan said...

Fly Quantas, Jet Star, Cathay, considered the safest Airlines in the world, with much more sophisticated websites for clients to work on.
Dun trust SIA now, after the Ukraine incident flying over the war zone to save fuel costs. The Emirates and Qatar Airlines also impressive.
The Cathay Hongkie Cabin crew handling demanding Economy passengers in a cool and efficient manner without offending them, left an impressive image on our minds too. SQ still operating past century style, slipping down the Ratings ladder slowly, maybe the elderly Board of Directors is the tripping pebble, set in their old ways.

MrHaahz said...

Hi Sir,

I've attached this link for you to view the miles required for a trip.

Hope it's helpful! Definitely agree SIA should improve on its web design.


MrHaahz said...

Hi Sir,

I've attached the link below that shows the miles required for a SIA trip.

Hope it helps! I definitely agree that SIA website should improve to be more user friendly


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