Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Explaining TPP to LHL

I asked Bernie Sanders to explain to Lee Hsien Loong why the Trans Pacific Partnership is a very bad idea and why LHL should stop advocating the TPP.

Sanders sent this video.

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Yujuan said...

Very inspiring speech which touches on 3 disastrous effects TTPP would bring to any country - the livelihood of the working class, the health environmental impact, and the poor having access to cheaper drugs for their medical needs, the mighty power of the MNCs.
With our Govt refusing to set a minimum wage system, are we under threats from the powerful MNCs (dominating our Economy) to maybe move their operations elsewhere if the G sets up this system?
Some other aspects to mull on, LHL pushing vigorously for this TTPP, surely he knows about the impact on our middle class struggling workers, is he trying the tax the rich to pay for the poor approach, a disguised welfare system, to bridge the have and havenots.
Digging more money in a roundabout way, say tax the rich property owners
increasing property taxes whether rented out or not, or the impending GST increase to match the West, and then handing out off setting rebates to the poor. Property tax collections could fill up a large part of the National Kitty.
The Singapore Society is beneficial only to the filty rich or the poor, in between like what Sanders said, is the middle class who has to take up the burden of this TTPP Agreement. Also it helps to increase GDP who favors the rich and our Govt Ministers and its machinery, the Civil Service, the political backbone of the PAP G, whose remuneration based on GDP growth. Great, the middle class has to keep struggling to stay afloat, so no time and energy to keep watch on the political system here. TTPP kills many birds with one stone.

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