Sunday, October 09, 2016

Learn the secret that a few tens of millions are now enjoying

There are tens of millions people in America who are getting a good return on their investment and have been making the right investment for a few decades. Their return has been more than 6% per annum.

But there are many more people in America who are making  poor investments and are losing money by investing in bad products. Remember the subprime loans and the structured products derived from it?

Most investors in Singapore are also losing a lot of their savings in bad financial products. And many are getting a losing return of 3% or less by locking up their savings for many years. If they give up, they will suffer a big penalty.

I like to share the secret that is already known by the the tens of millions of wise investors in America. They invest in the index fund created by Jack Bogle and sold by Vanguard Group.

You can learn the secret of investing in the index fund. Watch my short video that can be viewed here

You can learn about it by attending this talk on 15 October. Do not miss it. I have no plans to hold another talk.

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