Sunday, October 09, 2016

Be careful when walking on slippery ground

Six months ago, I slipped while walking in a light drizzle in Rancamaya, which is a hill resort outside of Jakarta. I fractured three ribs. It took a few weeks to heal. I had to take pain killer to ease the pain during this period.

I am now careful when I walk. I hold to the railings when I use the stairs. If the floor is wet, I will walk with slightly bent legs, so that the center of gravity is lower and the step is firmer.

There was a light drizzle last week when I walked to Thomson Plaza from my office for lunch. I walked carefully to avoid slipping. I explained my walking style to my lunch partner. She had also slipped and fractured her ribs a few years ago. She understood the trauma.

She said, "Mr, Tan. I just saw a younger person slipped and fell. She was in a hurry. She was cursing her bad luck. We are older and need to be careful when we walk".

I agree with her.


Yujuan said...

For the elderly, have to remind themselves 2 things to do when going abroad - Carry a foldable walking stick for hilly areas, placing stick in front of you to check ground, and the weather seasons, wet season means slippery muddy ground.
Better safe than sorry, Angko Wat temple complex has numerous steps and steep stairways, Jiuzhaigou has slippery wet steps around colorful lakes, saw one elderly tourist slipped and fell, had to be carried back to the coach.

Yujuan said...

Add on - shoes with good traction to grip the ground.
No fun getting old, but bo bian.

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