Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Low payout under Medishield Life

Andrew Loh paid $3,239 for a quadrupled heart bypass operation. Here is a breakdown of the charges.

Total bill: $10,727
Government subsidy - 6,767
Net 3,959
Medishield Life - 720
Paid by Cash/Medisave 3,239…/

He was surprised that Medishield Life paid so little. In fact, the bulk of the subsidy came from the government, as he stayed in a subsidised ward.

If Andrew had taken an integrated plan, he would have paid a higher premium and would still have to pay a similar sum out of pocket. The integrated plan would require him to pay a deductible of $1,500 and a co-payment of 15%, so that would still come to about $3,000 or more.

I will be creating a video to explain Medishield Life. Meanwhile, you can watch my other videos on financial planning and insurance


Anonymous said...

I believe some components may not be covered by Medishield Life
Otherwise base on my calculation, the patient should pay
based on the info from this link

Anonymous said...

At least Andrew got a few hundred dollars. My mom was hospitalised for three days with a bill of 6000 and medushield life paid zero!

Yujuan said...

Medishield or Medishieldlife dun pay you for a 3 day hospital stay.
It's for longer stay, check up first with hospital or CPF authorities.

Anonymous said...

These guys who complained of low payout by medishieldlife should buy the private plan with expensive rider, then they realise the purpose of medishield plans...
Hey, you guys, medishield is to help you with the gigantic bills and not the small ones which you can pay with medisave, lah.
If you want to claim EVERY CENT you should buy privATE MEDICAL
plans by BUPA and pay through your nose. Stop complaining about medishield plan claim payout, they are not lottery

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