Sunday, October 16, 2016

Move back to Medishield Life

Someone said: When I signed the integrated plan, my intention was to ensure my medical bills are fully covered. I didn't think about going to ward A or ward B1. 

After my mother in law hospitalisation, her insurance paid so little after all the deductions that I realised its wasn't really worth it for the premiums paid. 

But since I'm on ISP for so many years, and now close to 65, I just continue with the plan, as I still don't really know exactly what to do.

It is easy for you to convert back to Medishield Life. Call the insurance company and ask them if they will give you a pro-rata refund for the premium that you have paid for the integrated plan. If they can, you can convert immediately. If no, you can convert to Medishield Life at the next renewal date. 

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Yujuan said...

Yes, move back to basic insurance.
My son has Premium Shield Plan with Great Eastern with riders.
When he went for Colonscopy and send documents to this insurer for claims, at same time informing his Agent, both the Insurer and the Agent claimed they did not receive them at all.
Perhaps our Postal System is really that lousy, mail could get missing in the post. Finally he used his Medisave to pay.
What's the point of having private shield insurance. Shit.

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