Sunday, October 16, 2016

Presidential election on November 8

I will watch the November 8 presidential election in America with great interest.

Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls by about 5%. This is a commanding lead. Donald Trump is getting massive crowds in his rallies.

The size of the crowds in the rallies is an indication of enthusiasm and grassroots support. This will lead to a higher turnout on voting day. It will give an edge for Trump. Will it be decisive?

There is another advantage for Trump. The ordinary people are tired of the corrupt establishment and wants to see a change. They do not care about the reputation of Trump. This negative reputation is generated by the corrupt corporate media.

The Brexit referendum in the UK was unexpected. Will we see a similar outcome in America on November 8?

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Yujuan said...

Maybe better to have Trump as President, but the fengshui master said this monkey year 2016 is the rise of the phoenix, the female gender is strong, with luck as back support, then Clinton most likely be the first female President of America. With the crop of female political leaders around, the fengshui master's prediction may come exactly true.
Status quo would prevail, with the world plodding on half alive, half dead, with people all over the world hoping for a miracle to happen, with Wall Street popping champagne bottles, as it's much easier to control a woman than the unpredictable, crazy Trump.

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