Friday, October 07, 2016

Too many Chinese running Singapore?

Someone sent this email:

With the expected changes to the Elected Presidency soon, we may have a situation where these critical areas of governance are headed by a Minority concurrently:

1. President: Mr Tarmugi?
2. Prime Minister: Tharman? (Executive branch)
3. Leader of Parliament (Speaker): Halimah Yacob (Legislature branch)
4. Central Bank (MAS) - Ravi Menon (Minister responsible: DPM Tharman?)
5. Chief Justice: Sundaresh Menon (Judiciary branch)

Wouldn't it be interesting when all the above hold office concurrently in the not-too-distant future?

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Yujuan said...

As long as they are yes men, to the Govt why not to most of them.
Only Tharman stands out way head and shoulders above the rest to ascend High Office, not sure about the rest of the brood, no visible outstanding work performance to guage.
Our disappointment with all the Chinese Ministers bred under the hand holding Greenhouse environment, with one Minister making a fool of himself at a PAP Convention Meeting, a la one Malaysian Minister waving a kris to impress at his Malaysian Parliament.
With no option, have to choose the most meritocratic candidate for PM, even a minority one, bo bian, must not only has ability to govern, must also has ability to jaga our CPF funds, and our GIC's and Temasek Holdings' investments. Frankly, none of the 3rd generation Chinese leaders gives us such confidence.

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