Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Treatment at Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC)

I went to Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC) for a lasik treatment to remove the cells that were deposited on my left lens and blocking my vision.  The lens was inserted after a catarract operation a year ago.

Time spent:
Eye test - 5 min
Consultation with doctor - 10 mins
Lasik operation - 10 mins
Signing forms - 15 mins
Payment - 5 mins
Book appointment - 5 mins
Waiting time - 2 hours (yes, now I know why they call me a "patient")
Total time - 3 hours

Total bill: $1,000.
Government subsidy: $0
Medishield Life: $0
Medisave: $0 (I prefer not to touch it).
Paid by credit card: $1,000

Actual treatment time: 20 mins (for which I paid $1,000).

There was probably a hundred patients in the lasik center, most of whom are subsidized patients - who pay half of what I pay as a private patient, I was placed in the same queue as the subsidised patients. If SNEC is charging double for a private patient, they should at least put them in the priority queue, so that the waiting time is shorter.


stanstan said...

Anyone know how much it will take and how long if we do it at the medical centre in Melaka as I recently came back from a retreat in Melaka town. The Melaka Medical Centre seemed quite established from outside. Maybe also run by Singapore doctors. Anyone care to share ?

Anonymous said...

In past 2 months, I visited TTSH Eye Clinic as a private patient. After 4 appointments, I had same problems like Mr Tan - no priority in Q, must be very "patient", AND PAY GST! I consult TTSH after complication of eye surgery at X public hospital (subsidied).
Now, I am feeling well - the benefit of meeting a senior consultant who is listed in the MOH Register of Specialist. My eye surgeon at X public hospital is not in the MOH Register of Specialist.
QUESTION: Can a surgeon who is not listed as specialist (MOH Register) do operation under the law?

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