Friday, November 04, 2016

Confusing statement from the minister

I read this statement from our minister about our solar panel testbed in Tengah Reservoir

Mr Masagos said the pilot test of 10 solar energy - or photovoltaic - systems at Tengeh Reservoir is the largest globally in terms of how much power it can produce and the number of systems being tested. He was speaking at the Joint Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Asia Clean Energy Summit and the 26th Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference.

The testbed can produce a maximum one-megawatt of energy, enough to power 250 four-room HDB flats for a year.

I am confused by the statement that the testbed can produce enough energy for 250 HDB flats for one year. 

Is the minister referring to the energy produced in one day that can power the flats for one year or does he mean that it is the energy produced in one year that can power the flats for one year? 

If the latter is the case, why is it necessary to use the words "for one year"? Surely, it is sufficient to say that the testbed can produce enough energy to power 250 HDB flats?

I am surprised that the standard of English of our minister is quite poor and that our mainstream media cannot spot the error. Or perhaps it is my standard of English that is at fault?


Anonymous said...

Megawatt is an unit for power. Megawatt_hr is the unit for energy. Akin to comparing speed with distance.

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