Sunday, October 30, 2016

The clock turned back 1 hour

I checked into a hotel in Wales. There were signs left in every room and at the lobby, "Polite reminder. Don't forget the clocks go back 1 hour tonight".

At midnight, the click is turned back 1 hour and became 11 pm again. This is called "Daylight Saving Time". They wanted to children to go to school 1 hour later when there is more light. But it gets dark earlier by 1 hour at night.

42 years ago, I had a similar experience. I was staying at a hotel in London. I went for breakfast at 7 am. But it was still closed. I asked the porter why the restaurant was still closed. He said, "What time do you have, Sir". "7 am". He said, "No, it is now 6 am. The clock turned back 1 hour last night".

Well, 42 years had passed since that eventful morning!

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