Sunday, November 27, 2016

CPF Life Payout Calculator crashed

I intended to calculate the monthly payout and bequest for CPF Life using $150,000 of savings for a male age 65, 60, 550 and for females age 65, 60 and 55. This is to allow me to put up a table to explain to the public about how the CPF Life scheme, so they can decide on which plan to select.

I visited the CPF website. I found the CPF Life calculator. I entered the form to calculate the payout and the bequest under the Standard and Basic plans for a male age 65. I clicked on "Calculate".

It took a long time for the CPF website to return the results. I can understand why it took a long time. The calculation was complicated.

I resubmit the form for a male at age 60. It took a long time to calculate. I received a message, "An error occurred while trying to serve your last request. We've noted it down for our technical team to have a look. Correlation ID: cb3c2390-a7bd-4cdc-ad70-c304cd890466".

That is the end of my exercise.

I do not understand why the government (particularly PM Lee HL) needs to design such a complicated scheme that most people cannot understand.

It is so complicated that their online calculate crashed, just to make the second calculation.

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