Thursday, December 01, 2016

I remember the transport minister

I am reminded of the transport minister, Khaw BW, on two occasions today.

At the bus stop in the morning, I checked the app for the arrival time of bus 163. It said 12 minutes. I must have just missed the earlier bus.

No. The next bus arrived in 2 minutes. It probably had a faulty GPS tracker and could not be located by the app. This fault has probably been undetected for several years.

I took the bus in the late evening. It was dark. I could not see the bus stops along the way. I went to the exit area to watch the bus stop being displayed on the fare meter.

I went there too early and had to wait for a few stops before arriving at my destination.

I am disappointed that the minister does not pay attention to fix this issue. Can a civil servant monitoring my blog pass this message to the transport minister?

If Donald Trump were the prime minister, he would have told the transport minister - "You are fired".

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Anonymous said...

Bus company r upgrading their system, WIP. I don't think the current system uses GPS.

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