Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A better way to build customer relationship

Bad habits die hard. I still receive calendars sent to my home from my bank, stock broker and other business associates.

Do they realize that we are not in the Internet and online world? Who still use a calendar nowadays? It is such a waste of paper and postage. It goes into the waste basket.

Do the marketing people use their common sense? Do they bother to find out if the calendar is still being used today? Is it due to laziness and an unwillingness to think and to find out?

If businesses want to build relationship with their customers, they could spend the money to provide better customer service, to reduce the waiting time, to have people to pick up the call instead of asking customers to waste time with an automated machine!

If they want their customers to remember them, they could give a voucher for a meal at a restaurant, rather than send a calendar. 

Do you agree?

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PEGASUS said...

It's due to a phenomenon called PGP, previous government policy. Nothing gets changed because the leaders in charge are weak leaders who prefer to just coast along. With such leaders, the better subordinate's would have left and the remainder are weak subordinates who also prefer to coast along and not rock the boat. Over time, effectiveness and efficiency drop until there is a shakeup due to a catastrophic event before change is considered.

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