Saturday, December 31, 2016

The detention of the SAF Terrex vehicles

Did the defence minister Ng Eng Hen handled the issue of the detention of the SAF Terrex vehicles well? He adopted a calm approach and asked for a "formal reason" to be given by Hong Kong for the detention. He is willing to wait for the reason to be given.
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Yujuan said...

Thank God, Ng came to his senses and drops the buzzword demand "formal reason", as he saw no Asean friends and American ally officials come to our aid.
Using quiet diplomacy with the Asian Giant is the best policy to get our Terrex hardware back. The Defence Minister is doing fine at damage control. After this episode, he could throw in the towel and concentrate on his Medical Clinic, being a top notch Breast cancer specialist, he could make much more dough than his Ministerial pay. No surprise he's not in the PAP CEC. Sup sup sui to him.

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