Saturday, December 31, 2016

Three envelopes for Donald Trump

When a leader of a country passes power to his successor, he usually gives three envelopes to his successor. They contain his advice on what to do when he meets with a major crisis.

The words of advice contained in the envelopes are:

Envelope 1 - Blame your predecessor
Envelope 2 - Blame the economy
Envelope 3 - Prepare three envelopes for your successor.

I don't think President Obama will pass the three envelopes to Donald Trump because each person strongly dislike the other person.

I think Donald Trump has three envelopes that he prepared himself.

Envelope 1 - Blame Barack Obama
Envelope 2 - Blame China
Envelope 3 - Resign to run Trump Organization


Yujuan said...

Trump wins hands down both ways, could be the President of USA one day, the next day could go back to his roots as an entrepreneur. Now which US President could beat that.
What we like about Trump is his unconventional straight talking, calling a spade a spade, no pretense playing and twisting around with words.
Sounds familiar, ain't it?

Yujuan said...

What envelopes, Trump just couldn't care less. Cool guy.

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