Sunday, January 15, 2017

Are you for China or for Singapore?

Someone asked me - are you for China or for Singapore?

He is typical of many people. They don't want to think. They only want to get the answer.

Well - here is my answer. I am for "what is right".

Who is right? China is bullying Singapore. Our leaders are acting in an arrogant and amateurish manner.

So, I am for neither side.

Actually, I am for the misunderstanding to be resolved and for the trust to be rebuilt between our two countries. We need Mr. Lee Kuan Yew to come back and tell our ministers what to do.


Yujuan said...

Perhaps Tharman is a better bet to talk to the Chinese leaders, has impressive overseas reputation, more diplomatic, street smart, measured and cautious in responses to tricky situations, summing up better IQ and EQ than his colleagues.
Just take along an interpreter, a private citizen who has a link to the Chinese leadership.
Enough of the "amateurish" talk of Vivian and Ng, tough talk won't work.
Also Senior Lee can't get up from his coffin to set things right either.

Thomas said...

Singaporeans are probably displaying their usual political apathy on this issue. While I understand not many people follow geopolitics and macroeconomics closely, the level of conversations I had with many well educated Singaporeans on this matter is plain depressing.

I remembered casually bringing up George Yeo’s latest piece on The Singaporean Identity hoping for a further discussion, but it never moved on beyond the typical children’s playground logic plane - arguing over who is right or wrong, who bully who, who support who etc. If that’s the level of sophistication demonstrated by university educated adults on such matters, I’m not surprised you are getting even more childish brickbats from anonymous online people.

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