Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rally behind our "leaders"

Our leaders asked us to be loyal and support them in their effort to recover the Terrexes.

It is difficult to support their position when:

a) They don't tell us what is happening
b) They don't admit a mistake when it happens
c) They distort the facts to brainwash the people
d) They don't ask for our views, thinking that we are morons.
e) They act in an arrogant manner, thinking that they are the only people who know the answer.

If our leaders become more humble, maybe they can get the people to rally behind them.


Yujuan said...

The Terrex episode is getting ugly if not solved quickly.
Our young men would say, what's the meaning of NS, can't even jaga our military hardware, how to protect our country.
One young nephew asked, where's our Ally America, we provide Naval Base to dock their Navy Ships, provide Seletar Airport to station their planes to survey the SCS. Did Singapore bet on the wrong horse.

Tan Hwa said...

You are right they are still in denial.

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