Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hong Lim Park - protest against increase in water price

I was the last speaker and the "last minute speaker" at the Hong Lim Park protest against the 30% increase in water price. I will post the video of my speech when it is ready.

My key points were:
1. What is the cost of water? The minister's said that it cannot be disclosed due to "commercial sensitivity". That is a bad reason. The lack of transparency could lead to corruption, bad decisions and wasteful spending.
2. It was dishonest for a minister to say that the water price has not increased during the past 17 years. There was an increase in the water conservancy tax, which led to an increase in the price of water.
3. The impending increase in water price has already resulted in increases in price of food. This will lead to a spiral in the cost of living.
4. A minister has said that citizens should be aware that water is an essential resource and should be priced correctly. Can the minister also consider that the increase in water price is affecting the low income people badly. We should follow Hong Kong in allowing a certain amount of water free each month for every household.

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