Sunday, March 12, 2017

My view on the water price increase

Mr Tan

What are your views pertaining to the following questions related to the increase in the price of water.

1. We need transparency as to what lead to the increase.

2. Recently received bill from SP Group instead of SP services. My feeling is maybe they set up a SP GROUP just like MOH Holdings, and this increased staff costs etc need to pay the BOARD of DIRECTORS in SP GROUP etc

3. What is your personal view on what our G should do instead of increasing 30% as this will have 'chain' effect to food etc.

Thank you Mr Tan

1. i agree. We need to know what is the cost of water and how it has increased in recent years. Was it due to new sources of water, i.e. Newater and desalination?

2. I do not know if this contributes to the increase.

3. If we really need to increase the price of water (and I don't know if this is really necessary), we should follow Hong Kong to allow each household to have a certain amount of water each month free of charge, or at a subsidised rate.

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