Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Improve productivity with Visa Paywave

I had dinner at a restaurant at Aperia Mall in Kallang Bahru. I went to pay by credit card.

I asked the cashier if I could pay by Visa Paywave. They do not provide this facility.

The cashier told me that she had used Visa Paywave before as a customer, but it took a long time to print the receipt. She does not know why her restaurant did not want to introduce Visa PayWave.

My son said that he frequently paid by Visa Paywave, but there was no delay in getting the receipt.

Visa had introduce PayWave for a few years already. The adoption was very slow.

Most people are still paying by cash or credit card. The credit card had to be connected to the bank (for credit approval) and the customer have to sign the receipt. This is time consuming.

Visa Paywave would have reduced the time and increased the productivity of the cashier. But it is not widely implemented.

This is sad. There is the facility to improve our productivity and reduce our cost. But the business community is not responding to it.

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Yujuan said...

Basically Visa paywave card is credit card. People are worried they may lose card and then get their money stolen by "paywaving", but there is a pay limit up to $100 only each purchase.
The unauthorised user could use multiple times to max out your approved credit limit. Not for scatter brained people.
Protect yourself by using card only for small purchases by limiting credit for not more than $1k or $2k. Losing card would be less painful.
For travel and big ticket purchases, use a Mastercard credit card which needs your signature, but allows you to limit your loses up to a certain amount for unauthorised use.

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