Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Accident claim rejected due to Parkinson's disease

My father in-law purchased an accident plan with reimbursements from two insurance companies. Later on in life, he was diagnosed with mild Parkinson's. Late last year, he had a fall while trying to open his house door. He was hospitalised for hip replacement surgery. In his two policies, he is entitled to claim for reimbursement for the accident and there are specific percentages specified for various fractures or injuries. One insurance company has replied that they cannot pay the claim because of Parkinson's.

Can I ask for your opinion? Is the insurer right in rejecting the claim?


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Yujuan said...

Very disheartening to find MSIG evading to pay for air evacuation of an elderly traveller who had a cardiac arrests in Tokyo, and was diagnosed with heart disease in 2012.
So travel insurance dun cover if you fall sick arising from existing medical conditions. Only covers accidents, maybe flu and diarrhea only.

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