Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The troll who cried

A few years ago, I encountered a troll who kept attacking me mindlessly. At that time, Facebook did not provide the facility to ban the troll.

I told him that he brought shame to his parents who did not teach him any manners and to respect other people.

His reaction surprised me. He told me that he was deeply hurt by my comments and cried. His mother had passed away recently. I should not blame his mother for his behavior.

I felt sorry for him for a while. I wondered - if he is so sensitive, why did he enjoy hurting other people by his senseless behavior?

I wonder how many trolls (aka idiots) that I have banned from my page are like him - deeply sensitive, feeling deeply hurt when they are attacked back, but have no regard for the feelings of other people?

I know that this behavior can be found all over the world. I don't know if the behavior of our people is worse than those of other cultures, but I will say that it is most deplorable.

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