Sunday, July 02, 2017

Prepare for a greying population

There is little incentive to care for the greying population in Japan.…/little-incentive-care-japans-g…

Singapore will face the same challenges within the next decade.

However, I do not worry too much. Currently, we worry that there are not enough jobs for people, due to automation and artificial intelligence replacing the traditional work.

There will be a strong demand for people to take care of elderly people.

We need a way to pay these care givers adequately. This will be a cost to soceity. It has to come out of taxes payable by corporations that make a lot of profit and by high income earners.

We also need to make the job meaningful and enjoyable - but technology can help.

This is a challenge to the government. We need a good and wise government to overcome this challenge. Right?.

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