Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Troubled by PM's statements

KKoon Wee said:
I am also extremely troubled by some of PM's statements.
(1) PM has stated that the LHY & LWL allegations have seriously damaged the integrity of the govt and S'pore, aside from the very serious damage he suffered personally.
(2) PM then declares that under normal circumstances, he would sue the persons involved. However, he will not sue at this time because they are family members and he doesn't want the matter to drag out in the courts.
(3) One can only conclude from PM's statements that in PAP S'pore, there is one set of rules for the Lee dynasty and then there is another set of rules for the rest of us.
(4) PM is also guilty of putting his family interests before that of the govt and S'pore. Afterall, he is claiming that S'pore's reputation has been gravely damaged by the actions of his family members!
(5) while I don't advocate the use of law suits to settle differences, PM has already indicated that law suits are his usual approach in such cases, EXCEPT for family members.
(6) All very deeply troubling indeed!

My view:
We should stop the bad practice of suing for defamation, unless the condition of the perpetuator is extremely bad and mischievous.

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