Thursday, July 06, 2017

Wisdom of the Crowd - you can now view these results

The results of the voting on these issues are now available for viewing:

a) If Lee HL's son enter politics in a few years time, will you support him? (89 votes)

A big majority said "no". Here are their reasons:

b) The government is considering four options for 38 Oxley Road. Which do you prefer? (90 Votes )

A big majority said "demolish the house". How big is it?

c) Do you agree with the option to keep the basement of 38 Oxley Road and demolish the building? (87 Votes )

A big majority said "it is not in keeping with LKY's wish" or "it is neither here nor there.

d) Will the US Supreme Court upload President Trumps's travel ban? (80 Votes )

The results are mixed. America is divided.

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