Friday, October 13, 2017

Bad for business.

In the past, I spent about $100 a month on advertisements in Facebook.

Several months ago, I was barred for one month from posting in my Facebook page due to some violation of their community guidelines.

I explained to Facebook that I was responding to people who were deliberately rude to me. I told them that they were badly raised by their parents.

The Facebook staff ignored my explanation and continued the debarment.

I was able to get round the debarment by using another admin account for the page.

Since that time, I stopped giving any advertisement to Facebook.

I receive a daily request from Facebook to advertise my postings. I ignored them.

I hope that Facebook management be aware that the inflexible attitude of their staff has cost them some advertising revenue. The staff may be following the SOP of Facebook but failed to recognize the need to be flexible.

Many people in Singapore also adopt the approach of applying SOP blindly. This is the nature of SOP, and it can be harmful to the business.

One day, they will lose their jobs for causing harm to their business interest by not applying common sense.

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