Friday, October 13, 2017

Stupid process from Fundsupermart

I login to Fundsupermart website to change my password. After going through the troublesome checks, they notify me that the new password will be send to me by postal mail within a few business days.

I have waited more than a week. I went to check through the big volume of mail but did not get the letter from Fundsupermart. It never arrived.

I had to check through stacks of booklets and pages from listed companies demanding "my immediate attention". They were all unimportant. It is easy for them to make this demand, right? It cost them nothing to waste the time of their shareholders.

My problem with Fundsupermart is a repeat of an earlier requests a few years ago. The letter containing the new password never arrived. I was not able to login to my account for the past ten years.

I intend to close my account with Fundsupermart. Their process is ridiculous.

I know that they are implementing some stupid requirements from the MAS. I also know that government agencies have this stupid requirements for access to their website.

Recently, Corporate Pass allows the password to be changed online. But this change does not seem to spread to other government agencies and private companies regulated by MAS.

Things move very slowly in Singapore. We are weighed down by stupid and mindless activities. This is probably caused by some stupid instruction from the Ministry of Finance set up a few decades again and was probably never reviewed.

Most online websites allow change of password only. They send you a temporary password and asked you to change to a new password online.

I fear for the future of Singapore. We are inefficient, wasteful and costly. Things will continue to get worse under the neglect of Lee HL and his ministers.

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the cancer has spread to his brain already

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