Sunday, January 07, 2018

How to stop a train from colliding into another train

My friend is an engineer involved in MRT system. We worked in LTA for many years. Later, he worked for an engineering contractor and is involved in the engineerng work for the new MRT stations.

We discussed the need for a signal system in MRT trains.  He said, why can't each train install a system that will stop one train collding into another train. That is a simple system.

I agred with him totally. Many expensive cars now have a collision avoidance system. This kind of system can be installed on every train. If there is a large obstacle in front, the train will slow down immediately and stop automatically.

We both agreed that this system is essential and should be installed on each train independent of the central control system. Why are our trains only rely on the central system? It seemed to be quite "stupid".

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