Thursday, February 01, 2018

Budget 2018 - Increase allowance for full time NS men to $1,500 per month

In my presentation on 10 Feb about Budget 2018, I will talk about National Service.

I like to see the NS men allowance for full time service to be raised to $1,500 per month, i.e. closer to the market rate for a full time worker.

If the SAF has to pay a higher rate, they will look seriously into reducing the time that is needed to train the soldiers. In Switzerland, the compulsory conscription is for 8 months only. They are able to train the soldier effectively within this period. Singapore should follow this example.

It will take a longer time to train an officer. I prefer that all officers should be full time career soldiers as it is very expensive to train an officer. An officer needs to be a full time soldier to be able to do the work effectively.

We should think of the future for your young men. Some of them are our own children. Others are the children of other Singapore citizens. We should not put them at a disadvantage by holding them back for two years, and handicapping them in the competition for jobs against foreigners.

If the duration of full time National Service is reduced, they can enter the workforce or continue their tertiary education earlier.

Where to find the money for the higher allowance for full time NS men? How about cutting down on wasteful expenses, such as bin centers and new signal systems for MRT? How about adjusting the salaries of ministers and politicians? How about shortening the conscription period?

I am sure that the finance minister can figure out. That is his job for which he is very highly paid, right?

I hope that this suggestion gets your support. Your views?

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