Monday, January 29, 2018

Is there a better way to pick the next prime minister?

Singapore faces a dilemma. Who should be the next prime minister? How should this person be selected?

It seemed that the "informal" selection committee should be the 16 younger ministers belonging to the 4th generation. These 16 younger leaders should decide and pick from among themselves the leader who will lead them, and lead the country.

Surely these younger ministers face a conflict of interest? Some of them have their personal ambition and want the position for themselves.

Is there a better way to select a leader to lead the country?

How about opening it to all the members of Parliament of the PAP? How about allow the PAP cadres to make this choice? How about allowing the people of the country to make this choice?

It must be a bad system that the choice is to be left to a small group of people with a conflict of interest?

If the choice is made by a broader group of people, we are likely to get a better decision based on the "wisdom of the crowd" or, may a say, based on "common sense".

If the selected leader has a mandate from the people at large, he is likely to have the moral authority to lead the country and the other ministers have to take his leadership. This will avoid infighting and corrupt deal making, right?

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Yujuan said...

Better to select one who dun belong to the Lee family clan, so Chan Chun Seng being Lee related through marriage, is not appropriate.
Singapore really need fresh blood, inbreeding is the cause of talented people outside this circle from joining PAP, they could flex their full potential in private sector without being bound, nobody wants a SM or MM hovering over head to ensure conformity.
If people could decide, probably Tharman the first choice, then Heng Swee Kiat next, despite the latter's health concern, but even healthy people could drop dead anytime. Ong is too green, precisely, who is this man.

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