Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tell the difference between ordinary and bad people

Young children in Singapore are taught by their parents to be wary of strangers. Do not talk to strangers. They may take you away.

They grow up to be fearful of strangers. Should they be suspicious of every stranger? Should they avoid talking to strangers?

Is there a better approach? Can we teach the kids on how to tell the difference between ordinary people and bad people? Can we allow the young to learn through experience?

I recall an incident. i was on a bus to Johor Bahru. The bus was caught in a congestion. I asked a girl in the bus if she came from Johor and is familiar with where I should get off.

She replied to me. We continued with a conversation. She came from Perak and has worked in Singapore for the past year. She is going to Johor to buy groceries.

I told her that it was nice for her to talk to me. She said, "I was taught to show respect for older people".

She was not suspicious of strangers. She knew who can be trusted. She also knew how to handle people.

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