Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Will there be "culture issues" in SAF in event of hostility?

Mr. Tan
The outgoing CEO of SMRT spent over 5 years in this position. He employed his kakis, also from SAF, to the key positions. The operations of SMRT got worse during this time. The CEO blamed it on the "work culture".

He did not explain what the problems of "work culture" were.
I have this worry. We spent tens of billions every year on our SAF. In the event of hostilities, can we rely on our soldiers? Will we also face the "work culture" issues?

What has happened in SMRT is a sign that the "work culture" is a big issue. We cannot brush it off as affecting SMRT only. More likely, it affects a big segment of our society.

What are your views?


I share your concern. Singapore now faces big challenges and big problems. We need to go to the root of the issues. We have to change the PAP government.

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