Sunday, June 24, 2018

Develop depth and experience in political leadership

At the general election in Malaysia, the voters elect their leaders for the state and for the country.

Many politicians gain their experience at the state level before they compete at the national level.

Most of the candidates for the national level, i.e. Parliament, have many years of experience at the state level.

The political leaders in Malaysia at the national level are usually seasoned politicians. They know how to connect to the people and to understand their needs and aspirations. They make better leaders.

We need to strengthen the depth of our political leadership in Singapore.

We can have direct election into the the town councils. To avoid duplication, these councils should also take care of the work of the community development councils.

We need to have town councils that represent a town. It could comprise of six to 10 constituencies.

The people elected into the town council can come from several parties.

Ideally, we should get rid of the group representative constituencies (GRC) and have the MPs elected individually and directly for each constituency.

This is the structure that is followed in most countries. They have election at more than one level and have people elected from several parties. This gives the chance for the elected leaders to gain political experience and the local level before moving to the national level.

It is time for Singapore to develop depth and experience in the political leadership.

Tan Kin Lian


Yujuan said...

Used to have great admiration for the Chinese political system.
A Communist country, it's more democratic than Singapore.
Deng Xiao Ping initiated a system where the President's term limited to a certain period, whereby he would retire, and the Communist Party elecst a new leader to take over. Lamentably, Xi Xin Ping out of power hungry freak, overturned Deng's system and make himself an infinite President, Mao Tze Tung's style. This is bad for China, as power corrupts and absolute power eventually corrupts absolutely. Just look at what Mao did to China.
Xi spends too much time and effort on whipping Nationalism and military activity in the SCS, sidelining economic development, and instigating Japan to reembark on its past military ambitions, back up by Trump to put China down. Dangerous for Trump to reignite Japan's previous military power, just think the WW2 Sook Ching massacres by the Jap military enough to send shivers down our spines.
Never trust the Japanese.

Yujuan said...

A page in history, China is never an aggressive country salivating
to annex other countries around. It was Japan historically an aggressive
country, making periodic attacks on China and Korea from time immemorial. Rather to have a nuclear North Korea than to have a ruthless military Japan to keep the hypocrites in check.

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