Thursday, June 14, 2018

Show respect to other people

I often give this advice to other people - do not judge a person.

It is all right to give a view, but we must avoid judging that person.

For example, if someone said "The sky is red", you can say "I think the sky is blue". That is giving a different opinion.

What is judging? For example, "You must be stupid to say the sky is red". "How can you, as a public figure have this kind of opionion?"

When someone passes a judgment, he (or she) presumes that they are qualified to judge. That is quite arrogant.

Some people have bad manners. They pass judgment and insult other people without realizing it. It becomes a habit for them.

I consider these people to be badly brought up by their parents and teachers. It reflects badly on them and their parents and teachers.

The best way to avoid this character flaw is to be respectful of other people and their views. It is all right to give a different view but be respectful of other people's views.

Tan Kin Lian

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