Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Social training for ministers

Dear Mr Tan

A lot of FB post on our Ministers general courtesy behavour eg sit before VIP sit, mobile on table, sitting posture etc

This together with their leadership style shows they lack skills eg a good leader is one who understand and feel the ground.

They stressed a lot for singaporeans to go for retraining.

Should our Ministers themselves go for retraining in social and leadership skills?

Wait. I go for retraining first. I also need it. OK?

I sent this feedback to PM Office.

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Yujuan said...

Should go for a course on social etiquette since we think we are first world, and like to bask in the glory of holding prestigious world grade
international summit meetings. Must match with classy behaviour.
Many PAP leaders come from humble, poor background, from immigrant peasant stock upbringing, have to learn table manners too, which fork and spoon to use first, etc.

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