Monday, August 06, 2018

Deplorable practices of telcos

I used Starhub in Singapore. For my regular travels to Indonesia, I have a Telkomsel SIM card and and to Malaysia, I use a Digi SIM card.

Here are my experiences in using the SIM cards of the overseas telcos:

a) It is important to use their mobile app.
b) I have to top up the SIM card at regular intervals so that it remains active. If it is deactivated, I will lose the balance in my account. I ask my friend to do it for me.
c) I can buy a 1GB data package for about $2. This will last 3 to 7 days. Make sure that it is a one time pass and not a weekly renewable package.

I find the practices of the telcos in Singapore and the other countries to be deplorable, in the following ways:

a) They expire your SIM card and STEAL your balance.
b) If you do not realize it, they will sell you a renewable package that keeps deducting the money from your account (like stealing money).

I have lost quite some money from these deplorable practices. It is a tough learning experience.

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