Saturday, August 18, 2018

Increase the frequency of KTM shuttle

There are 13 departures by KTM from Woodlands to Johor Bahru from 7 am to midnight. The interval for a train is 70 mins during the peak hours and longer during the off peak hours.

The journey takes 5 mins each way.

It should be possible to pack 3 departures every hour or a total of 51 departures a day. This will increase the capacity by 4 times.

If we plan the schedule properly, we can reduce the interval to 15 mins and increase the capacity by 6 times. This is based on a single track for the train, i.e. it takes 5 mins to travel one way, 5 mins to travel the other way and 2 mins to embark or alight from the train.

Currently, there is low demand for the train services as the fare is $5 from Singapore to JB and RM 5 for the return journey.

If the fare is reduced to $2 and RM 5 respectively, the train should be full.

This will reduce the travel time across the causeway during peak and off peak periods.

We do not have to wait for 2025 for the Rapid Transit System to be ready. We can increase the capacity by 4 or 6 times on the current train shuttle.

I wonder if the Singapore or Johore side will look into this possibility?

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