Saturday, August 18, 2018

Salaries of government leaders

There has been many comparison of the salary of our prime minister with the government leaders in other countries.

In most countries, the state provide their president or prime minister with houses, cars, planes and staff that cost many times of the official salary.

In Singapore, the prime minister and ministers are given a "clean salary" without housing and personal cars. Although a state car is provided, it is to be used only for official purposes.

The comparison of salary is not appropriate.

For example, if we count the cost of maintenance of the White House and Air Force One, it will be many times of the official salary of President Trump. The total cost will clearly be several times of PM Lee's humongous salary.


OK, PM Lee is clearly overpaid in relation to the salary of the ordinary workers in Singapore, but the comparison with other world leaders should take into account the other costs.


Anonymous said...

Last time 10 year to pay for a HDB flat.Now it take 30 years of slavery to do it.Improve the stardard of living??or the cost of living??GST to increase inflation to increase salaries.For who??You mean the country got no saving at all to pay for facilities for the aged?Any way is it free??

Yujuan said...

Mr. Tan may have a point here, but ex PM Goh is as despicable as ever,
stepping on the dignity of people earning less than 500K annually shows the Chinese proverb easier to change a country, harder to change one's character so aptly.
The moment he opens his gap, tends to step on someone's toes.
Even PM Lee, whom he spends time trying to stroke his feathers, dun give him a damn.
Goh tends to forget he's already well past his date, appears getting senile, betraying even long time friends like Tan Cheng Bok out of selfish self interests.

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