Saturday, August 18, 2018

Good signs in AEON mall

I like the signs in AEON mall in Klang.

They show the following prominently, all over the place:

Toilet, Information desk, ATM, Large stores, such as Aeon.

They seem to know what are the facilities that are most commonly needed by the shoppers.

When I travel on the escalator, I know which level that I am going to and that I arrive. It is clearly marked.

The also show a floor plan near the escalator.

I find the Japanese to be systematic and thoughful. We can learn some tips from them.


Anonymous said...

Are they there just to solve their problems or made your life better??

fairplay said...

Many of our Shopping Mall shops have no unit numbers. The floor plan and their adverts shows the unit number but when you reach there you can't find any number on their shop front. This makes it difficult to find one's way around the shopping mall. These are the malls that I would usually avoid going to. Hope the management are aware of it.

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