Tuesday, July 02, 2019

An incident near Midview City

Yesterday, I was walking along the path from Midview city to the bus stop.

A young couple passed me. The man appeared to be a foreigner and the girl looked like a local. The girl appeared drowsy and the man was holding up her arm as they walked by.

Something did not seem right.

I stopped and looked back. They had stopped a few meters down the path. The girl seemed to be resisting the man who was trying to hold her.

What should I do?

I walked towards them. The man looked at me. I asked - is there any problem?
He replied - no sir.
I asked the girl - are you all right.
She hesitated and said - I am ok.
I walked away. I hope that she is all right.

I know that some people will advise me - be careful, do not meddle in other people's business.

I am willing to take a small amount of risk. What if the girl really needed some help?

Anyway, did you read in the newspaper that an elderly man was beaten up by a young man near Midview City. You did not, right?

Maybe next time! Hahaha.

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