Monday, July 01, 2019

Listening to customers

When I was running an insurance company, I got my staff to adopt the 3 level escalation approach.

The staff at the first level answered the questions posed by the customers.

If the customer did not accept our answer or practice, the staff escalated the issue to the manager.

The manager talked to the customer and tried to find a solution.

If this was not possible, the manager escalated the issue to me.

The manager wrote the details of the issue in the email and described the source of the dispute.

I gave a reply to the customer. Sometimes, my reply was - call me at (this number).

Usually, we were able to resolve the issue.

Often the customer accepted our position, and was happy that his point of view was heard and properly considered.

I did not get many issues raised to my level - maybe an average of one issue a day.

That was how I get to know what was really happening on the ground.

Sometimes, I decided that our practice was unfair to customers. I changed it and issued a new FAQ to guide the staff.

This worked well.

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