Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Deal with the economic recession

The economic recession will be severe. We need to implement remedial measures to help the people of Singapore.

Tell Heng SK not to follow the expensive and ineffective measures adopted in the past.

We need new measures to deal with our problem.

He can take my ideas as shown here. He does not need to pay me any copyright, or worry that I will take over his position.

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Anonymous said...

Wat recession? Firstly, long Qs still at all food places. Secondly, weddings at hotels are fully booked till donkey years. Thoughtly. Coes no drop to $1. Fourthly, owners have strong holding powers on real estate. We refuse to lower down our prices, even though some cash rich buyers from enbloc sales give us a price. Filthily, parents are still paying for our expensive tuition. Sickly,holidays are still fully booked. Heavenly, five rooms are still above one maroon mark. Eggly, parents are still buying expensive toys for their darlings. And so on so on. Wat recession?

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