Wednesday, August 14, 2019

WOTC - PSLE scoring system

Wisdom of the Crowd: 82% of the participants in this survey are not confident that the change in the PSLE scoring system will reduce the stress in our education system. 18% are more positive about this change.

See the breakdown of the votes in


Anonymous said...

So far we have discussed grades as a largely product of good earnings which lead to material

wealth which than lead to happiness. But is that so? People in affluent societies suffer from

alienation and meaninglessness despite their prosperity. What is happiness? Is it having

good grades, money or family and perhaps virtue. Less-well-to-do find contentment in

religion, bond with nature, community?

Some find happiness in how they feel inside, like those "volunteers" who came out of their

kindness to help in the search for the missing teen in Malaysia. The men who work

tirelessly in searching the two missing kayakers. Surprisingly theses are people from a

less-develop country. These are people with no good grades? What kind of humanity this

country chose to breed and a government who preaches how some from poor families make

good by studying hard.

Anonymous said...

We also have selfless people the grab delivery chap Mohammed. Nid more such people rather than pointing mid finger and F**king the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

If we keep churning grads, the population will felt that they are over qualify for jobs. Why this country have bring in foreign labour because most had good working attitude and hands experience.

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